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Students in underfunded orphanages or schools with a teacher shortage are unable to get a proper education. To prevent this, Creative Minds partners with schools and orphanages to provide the tutoring to help students continue to receive a proper education.

Many children in underfunded orphanages are unable to receive proper education due to a lack of teachers and resources. Due to this, many of the responsibilities for teaching and taking care of the younger kids are given to the older children. This prevents them from being able to pursue their own ambitions and further their studies. To prevent this, Creative Minds is working on partnering with orphanages and helping provide tutors to them. While this is a short term solution, we also hope to help them become financially stable through fundraisers hosted on our Merch site so they can hire quality teachers. This project is still in the process of planning and currently, we are working on details regarding our first partnership with an orphanage in Telangana, India who are facing these exact problems. If you are able to speak fluent Telugu, please email us ( to become a tutor or buy our Support a Child merch. We'd greatly appreciate your assistance in helping provide these children with the education they deserve.

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