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High School Transition

The transition through Middle School and High School can be sudden and drastic. To help students cope with this, Creative Minds is proud to partner with School Districts to host annual in-person events.

The transition from middle school to high school can be frightening. Many students don't know how to make the most of their first year in High School nor what they should be aiming towards. One of our co-founders, Krishna, noticed this struggle and came up with the idea to host an annual High School Transition Event. Each year, Creative Minds plans to partner with as many school districts as possible to host the event in-person and provide important high school tips to rising freshman, particularly in the United States. Some topics we go over include Standardized testing, managing your workload, making the most of your time, and so much more. 2021 was our first year hosting the event and because of the pandemic, we hosted it virtually. Unfortunately, we weren't able to publicize the event much so we only managed to help 5 high schoolers. In 2022 however, we managed to collaborate with the Fremont Union High School District to host the event in Fremont High School's cafeteria. We managed to help 25 high schoolers this time and we have much more planned for the future! Next year, we plan on reaching out and partnering with more school districts to make these transition events accessible to as many students. If you wish to host this event at your own school district next year summer, we highly encourage you to fill out the Project Proposal form sometime around June 2023!

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