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Here at Creative Minds, we hold fundraisers to provide financial support to students who need it in order to gain access to proper education.

There are many different issues present in today's Education system. Some of them include, children not having access to education, not receiving quality teaching, not being able to pay for their studies and more. Creative Minds hopes to provide financial support to these students to help alleviate these problems by hosting numerous fundraisers. In Malaysia, refugees are not legally permitted to attend public schools and with no access to proper education, refugees are unable to better their situation. To help these children, the Chin Student Organization builds schools to help provide free and proper education to them. Till now, they have helped over 500 children. To help more children, the Organization needs to build more schools but to do this, they require more financial support. This is where Creative Minds comes in. We hosted a Movie Night fundraiser in collaboration with the non-profit, Biology for Better to raise money and donate it to the Chin Student Organization to allow them to continue building educational infrastructure for these students. While we only raised $25, Creative Minds does not plan to stop here. Our team is currently planning numerous fundraisers to help raise money for this organization and to tackle other issues present in the Education sector. If you wish to help contribute to this project, we highly encourage you to fill out the Project Proposal form and host a fundraiser in your neighbourhood, school, or even through virtual means. After all, it only takes one person to make a difference.

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