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Book Drive

To help students in under developed countries, Creative Minds hosts numerous drives to help children have the resources they need to get a proper education.

Libraries are a huge resource to all students. They allow students to have access to free books, increase literacy rates, and let students explore many different fields of studies. Unfortunately, not many countries have the resources to allow their population to have access to libraries compared to developed countries. Creative Minds hopes to assist these countries in order to overcome this issue.

So far, Creative Minds has partnered with the African Library Project to execute this project. We hosted a Book Drive on the March of 2023 and collected over 1000 books. We then worked with the African Library Project by donating $250 to them in return for shipping the books collected to Malawi and repurposing them to create a library for the people present there. From the book drive, we have succesfully built a library at the Balaka Institute of Management Research and Development and at the Muzgola Community Day Secondary School. We hope to host more book drives in the future. But unfortunately, building one library can cost up to $750 and requires a large group of dedicated people. If you wish to help our organization continue this project, please reach out to us by filling out the project form to host a book drive in your area! We will help financially support you in this case. If you wish to help us in another way, please donate any amount you can to our donation page, linked at the top right of our website and send us an email stating your purpose for donating the amount.

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