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Book Drive

To help students in under developed countries, Creative Minds hosts numerous drives to help children have the resources they need to get a proper education.

Libraries are a huge resource to all students. They allow students to have access to free books, increase literacy rates, and let students explore many different fields of studies. Unfortunately, not many countries have the resources to allow their population to have access to libraries compared to developed countries. Creative Minds hopes to assist these countries in order to overcome this issue. While this project is still in the process of being executed, we still want to provide details to allow other people to help us carry out this mission. Creative Minds plans on partnering with the African Library Project to execute this project. We plan on hosting a Book Drive on September and collect at least 500 books. Then, we plan on working with the African Library Project by donating $250 to them in return for shipping the books collected to Uganda and repurposing them to create a library for the people present there. If you wish to help contribute to this project, we highly encourage you to fill out the Project Proposal form and hosting a book drive in your school or neighborhood. Or, please donate to Creative Minds to help us raise $650 to carry out this project. Every donation counts!

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