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Tips on working as a part-time student

Working while in high school or college can be quite a challenge, but a notable commitment. While you are a part-time worker, in turn, you also become a part-time student. Balancing work, study, and life may become a mess if not properly managed and taken care of. Here are some tips to keep in mind to remain in balance! High school and college vary significantly, so while most of these tips work for either, any exceptions will be noted.

First, figure out times when you can work and times your classes are scheduled. Giving only half your time to either commitment will require flexibility on all sides, so make sure to talk with your employer about dates you know will not work, such as exam dates, extracurricular commitments, and study time. A general rule is to prioritize study over work. Even though the money you can gain might suffer by missing days and risking losing the job, if the job is prioritized then grades will start to go down. The entire point in this age of an education is to get a well-paying job, try to not interrupt that with a part-time job.

However, giving an entire half of your attention to study, and to the other to work is taxing to your mental health. Taking time for yourself to read a book, play some video games to destress, or a walk is just as important as your education. While most may say to find down-time in your work to study that few more minutes, a tip from Creative Minds is to separate your work and school. That gives the few minutes of down-time at your job to yourself only to relax and watch a film for example!

A big aspect of your work and study ethic is the environment that surrounds you. Take some time during a break to clean your workspace and to refresh your mind. Keep track of your achievements, as they remind you of reason you are splitting your time between study and work! And lastly, stick to a routine that works for you, even if it doesnt work for others. If studying during a very specific hour seems to produce more results, schedule your day around that hour, and keep to the rhythm of your routine.

While balancing your life, job, and school is an extreme challenge, keep reminding yourself of the temporary aspect of it! Take breaks often and with purpose, and know your limits and ability, as overworking will crash your routine.


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