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The Action of Taking Risks

What if Albert Einstein didn’t share his findings, or Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t start the bus boycott? If Albert Einstein or Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t take risks, many important events would not occur. Not only have Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King Jr. made differences by taking risks, but many other people have taken risks that have essentially shaped the lifestyle of the generations living today. Risks are important to take in our lives benefiting ourselves and possibly others. To take risks it is important to know when and where to take them, what the benefits are and how they should be taken.

Risks can be taken in many situations that can improve the state of the situation or the individual taking the risk. Risks can be taken in jobs, schools, relationships, at home, etc. For example, if one individual has a job and finds themselves to be bored and continuously doing the same redundant task every day without challenging themselves, or learning new material due to salary and restrictions, it would indicate the moment for taking a risk. An example of a risk that can be taken could be attempting new tasks and incorporating them into their job. Another place where risks could be taken is at school. At school, there are endless opportunities where risks can be taken, which include participating in clubs, teams, and volunteering. Even in classes and learning for a few students taking risks can be done in the form of answering and asking questions, participating in class discussions, engaging with peers, etc. Risks can also be taken in relationships. One example may be if an individual is in an unhealthy relationship with a friend and doesn't like the circumstance they are in, then they should take the risk and communicate about their feelings and situation. Similar to a friend relationship, even in an intimate relationship communication could be a risk to discuss emotional and physical behavior.

Taking risks is to be done for rebellious or disobedient purposes. Instead, they are taken for the several benefits that can help individuals grow as a person. Taking risks helps people to overcome the fear of failure. Usually, people do things they know they will excel at so if someone takes risks, it allows them to attempt new things and learn. This helps them to be more confident in the tasks they complete without worrying about perfection. Risks also open up unseen opportunities that couldn’t have been noticed if risks weren’t taken. This is because if the individual didn’t take the risk then they would have continued on the same path with no surprises or opportunities. The unseen opportunities could majorly change one’s life for the better. Additionally, taking risks helps in the development of a creative mindset. This is because risk-takers learn new things and experiences which give them a perspective to look and think more creatively. A creative mindset would be beneficial throughout a whole lifetime!

Risks can be taken in numerous amount of ways and don’t have to be followed as a procedure. However, there are quite a few general things to keep in mind. Before taking a risk it is important to calculate appropriate pros and cons, as well as the outcomes of performing the risk. If the cons of the risk weigh much more than the pros, maybe taking the risk would lead to a waste of time and effort. Additionally, if the risk being taken is challenging, it is important to look for people who performed the same or similar risk for advice for a resource of first-hand information. After receiving first-hand advice, second-hand information (such as research, social media, books, etc.) should also be searched.

Risks can be very beneficial in several ways. It is important to know how to take risks to grow as a person and a leader. Take the risk, so that you don't have regrets later in life!


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