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The Accomplishments of Creative Minds

What may have started as a small idea from a few students has evolved, and has yet to evolve for the better. “Creative Minds” is a student-led nonprofit organization that strives for better education and academic excellence for students aged 4 to the age of 18. Creative Minds has been able to grow into a supportive team that consists of CEOs, managers, and volunteers who all cooperate and relentlessly work hard to reach the organization’s goals! Creative Minds officially started their meetings in November of 2020 and has accomplished a variety of things all the way to the present of September 2022.

One of the things Creative Minds has accomplished is holding a fundraiser to donate to building infrastructure for schools in Malaysia. This will be very advantageous to the students, teachers, and other staff as it will give them a much better space to learn and teach. This will also aid them in the finances to better support students’ education and opportunities as they won’t have to worry much about the exterior of their school. Creative Minds has also personally created and sent worksheets to teachers in India to reduce their workload in the stressful pandemic. This has been very beneficial as not only students have been stressed in the pandemic but teachers have been immensely impacted. So helping teachers with their schedules could have made them more at ease and guided them in the stressful situation of the pandemic. Another huge accomplishment done by Creative Minds is hosting events to help high schoolers discover their passions in areas such as STEM and business. This is a very useful event as lots of students who aren’t sure about what they would like to pursue a career in, those who are curious, or those who have the desire to know about the STEM work industry. Overall creative minds statistically have been able to help 176 students of which there have been 52 from tutoring, and 124 from events. Creative minds has impacted 14 countries, held 13 events, and currently has 22 volunteers!

Currently, Creative Minds has just finished partnering with the FUHSD district, hosting a high school orientation for incoming middle schoolers so they can get advice and be prepared for the drastic transition between middle and high school. Another event soon to happen is Creative Minds hosting a book drive to help build libraries in areas of Africa. A bigger project that Creative Minds intends to reach is working on a partnership with an orphanage.

Creative Minds is an organization that has been made recently and has so many years to go with brighter accomplishments that await to be reached!

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