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Student Summertime Activities

After a school year full of stress and anxiety about assignments and tests, it’s important for students to have a break and relieve stress. Traveling helps students to relieve stress, gain new experiences and have personal growth academically.

Travelling is one of the many convenient ways to relieve stress! It takes the mind off stressful situations and places a person might have attached to situations. Once a person has been in a place for a long time, thinking about the same stressful things, traveling somewhere different can help to relieve their stress and to ease off and forget about stressful situations. This leads to lower cortisol levels making a person even more stress-free. It can also lessen the probability of heart attacks due to chronic stress. It’s also scientifically proven that traveling aids improve brain function and boost mental health. “Bad” mental health can worsen a person’s state in numerous ways and can additionally decrease a person’s productivity. Traveling will put a person with a state of “bad” mental health in a place to be more productive which can help them to even improve their mental health state.

Another benefit of traveling is that it unlocks new experiences for people. One of the ways it unlocks new experiences is by international experience or even experience outside of local, well-known locations. A person gets to learn and explore new languages, different people, and different cultures and participate in activities that aren’t available in one’s local area. Traveling also helps people to leave their comfort zone as they have been so used to living in the same place with the same customs, same languages and same people for a long time. Being in a new place helps them to learn about things in a place much different than what they have adapted and been used to!

Lastly, traveling can help a person gain personal growth in an academic aspect. One of the ways it can help a person is by adding to one’s resume. Once a person is outside of their local area and traveling, they might learn new languages, get a job or even study abroad. These experiences are beneficial key points to building a resume. It shows that one has the capability to adapt to new environments and still find ways to educate themselves and earn money while being away from “home”. Another way that a person can grow more academically while traveling is through networking. It can help a person build their social contacts by interacting with others to exchange information!

Traveling helps students to relieve stress, gain new experiences and gain personal growth academically. Once in a while, everyone needs a vacation to travel!


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