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Small Habits Leading to Big Changes

Many people usually wonder how another person seems to have a “perfect” and healthy lifestyle, as they see it as a routine unattainable for them to follow due to their own lack of consistency and motivation. Even though changing your whole routine or lifestyle immensely seems difficult at first, it does not mean it is impossible! Big changes could be made by incorporating small habits which could result in changing a person in numerous ways! This includes physical health, mental health, and behavior inside and outside of school.

Physical health can be improved in several ways which can reduce health risks and diseases. One way physical health can improve is simply just sleeping enough. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation causes one to feel impatient, exhausted, and to have a weak immune system, low productivity, and low alertness. If the amount of sleep received is increased, the opposite effects will occur and be beneficial for overall development. Having a healthy food intake by making healthy food decisions is additionally beneficial for making a huge difference in physical health and mental health. If better decisions were made daily, even as simple as eating apples over a bag of chips, the habits of making wise and healthy decisions for physical health will form over time. Also, adding a bit of physical activity to a daily routine will be beneficial by improving muscle strength and endurance which can help the cardiovascular system work more effectively. It also makes you motivated, energized, and productive as you are physically doing an activity in contrast to just sitting and working, going on devices, etc. Overall making small changes in physical health will make an individual healthier and happier!

Sometimes people get so caught up with their daily routine and tasks that it is hard to balance work-life, school life, and their mental health. Mental health and the way one views and processes situations play a big role in an individual's personality and actions. It is important to attempt to understand and look at other perspectives to make better habits. One way to take care of mental health is to read! Reading easily enables people to become open-minded and put themselves into different perspectives, which can further help them to analyze and create better decisions. Reading, in general, has the benefits of gaining more knowledge, being calm, stimulating creativity, etc. It is also important for people to have time off to focus on themselves by practicing self-care, meditating, or simply pursuing their hobbies. Overall focusing on mental health by reading and doing self-care can help a person to be calmer and collected as they get a hold of their emotions by prioritizing themselves.

Behavior outside and inside of school could affect performance in school and even in a student’s mindset. Participation and volunteering in class will help a student become more open to taking risks and will enable them to be more involved. This also helps them grow to understand how to work with peers and teachers, and learn new concepts and lessons. At home, students need to have the initiative for completing their homework and assignments outside of school. Usually, students get discouraged and are not motivated enough to complete homework and other school-related tasks. If students complete tasks outside of school it will not only help them receive good grades in the short term but in the long term, it will help them to be committed and determined to complete tasks in anything, whether it be a job-related task, or relationships, etc. Behavior inside and outside of school can make changes for a student in both the short term and long term!

Following small habits daily could change a person for bigger changes in many ways including physical health, mental health, and behavior inside and outside of school. It is important to be conscious of daily habits as they can majorly affect what the future has in store!



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