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In this fast-paced, constantly changing generation, many things come and go. Whether it be technology, beauty standards, education curriculum, and many others. As these things come and go, many people tend to judge or validate themselves entirely on the “current” standards and updates of these constantly changing ideas. It is important to recognize that even though surroundings and people are changing around an individual, to know their own capabilities and who they are so they don’t lower their self-esteem over things they physically or mentally can not do or become. Self-esteem is an issue many people face, thus, it is important to know what is self-esteem, and what will happen if it is and isn’t focused upon, why self-esteem is important, and how to focus on your self-esteem and build it up.

There are many effects on one’s self-esteem whether it be high or low. It is important to know what exactly self-esteem is and the effects of what will happen if it isn’t focused upon. Self-esteem is an individual’s personal sense of their value or worth made up of many factors including society, self-identity, sense of belonging, security/comfortability, etc. Self-esteem is also affected and influenced by age, genetics, status, disability, and other physical or mental features. This can be proven by people who disregard, degrade and negatively bash themselves over comparison over others' self-identity and their own. Similarly, this can be used in other contexts and situations with the same idea. If a person doesn’t acknowledge their self-esteem and know strengths and weaknesses, there are several events that can consequently follow. If one has low self-esteem then they won’t truly know themselves and their capabilities, instead of focusing on themselves they focus on other people. For example, if an individual has expertise in cooking but other people don’t have the same skill or simply don’t admire it, then the individual who has expertise in cooking may give up their skill just for the sake of other people, blindly believing that others are better than them. The same concept applies to other situations and ideas like body image.

Self-esteem is a part of everyone's life and holds several different importances. Acknowledgment of one’s own skills gives them knowledge of when and where to apply them properly. Additionally, it gives a person an idea of realistic and unrealistic capabilities and traits that can further help one with wise decision-making. High self-esteem brings in healthy relationships with oneself and others. This is because they can cope with personal issues in a more effective manner rather than blaming it on themselves and bringing up things they are incapable of being or doing, or unintentionally taking anger out on the people they love, whether it be family or friends. As one better understands themselves and effectively knows how to express anger and stress, it would lead them to be happier with themselves, family, friends, and other people.

There are several ways to build up self-esteem so that an individual can improve and work towards being the best version of themselves. Positive affirmations are one effective way to increase self-esteem over time. Saying positive affirmations follows the well-known quote “Fake it till you make it”. This is because saying positive affirmations allows an individual to align with the behavior of someone who inherits the qualities they desire and then over time ends up becoming the person they desire to be. Another thing that will help to improve a person’s self-esteem is to identify their good qualities and further work on them to develop them better. This will help an individual to become or have expertise at what they are good at, rather than lowering their self-esteem over the things they don’t have or can be. Replacing self-criticism with self-compassion will also help to improve low self-esteem because, instead of criticizing themselves, they would replace their words and actions with the things that they are compassionate about, thus improving their confidence and self-esteem.

It is integral to know what self-esteem is and what will happen if it is and isn’t focused upon, why self-esteem is important and how to focus on your self-esteem and build it up. Improve your self-esteem, improve your life.


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