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November Monthly Book Recommendations

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Grade 1-5 recommendations:

1. Restart by Gordon Korman

This story follows a young boy, Chase, who suffers amnesia after a fall from the roof. When he goes back to school, people either treat him as a hero or a villain and his parents walk on eggshells around him. Read this story to figure out what happened in his past and if he'll change for the future.

2. Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Dashiell Gibson is one of the first people to live on the Moon! You may think that sounds amazing but sadly, he's not allowed to step foot on the lunar surface with him being only 12 meaning he's bored 24/7. However, one day, the top scientist in the program turns up dead. Dashiell suspects that it wasn't an accident unlike everybody else. Follow him as he investigates this space case!

3. Dead City by James Ponti

Dead bodies disappearing, zombie cities, a secret organization, and the possible destruction of the city. This book will keep you on your toes. With no descriptive violence but rather fun mysteries and addictive writing, this book is perfect if you want to have a quick read in the supernatural genre that isn't scary.

4. Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly

A self-proclaimed physic, a deaf smart adventurous girl, an athletic bully, and a shy out of place boy who's trapped in a well. This story covers many unique perspectives as the characters attempt to rescue the boy in the well while overcoming many conflicts and developing the most unusual of friendships.

5. Pilfer Academy: A School So Bad It's Criminal by Lauren Magaziner

Schools are meant to educate students and prepare them for society. But what if there was a school that educated students, not for society but for the world of criminals? That's exactly what Pilfer Academy does. It kidnaps misbehaving students and encourages bad behavior while teaching students the ways of crime. One such kidnapped student is George. At first, he's fine with the curriculum and is actually quite talented at thievery but what happens when his skills are put to the test?

Grade 6-8 recommendations:

1. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

60 seconds,

One elevator ride,

One choice,

To kill or not to kill,

The one who killed his brother,

But can 6 stories,

Change William's mind?

2. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

A plane crash was all it took the rip a loved one away from them. Forced to face a new life, one with regrets, devastations, and loss, two new girls navigate through countless hurdles and end up discovering someone who understands, each other.

3. Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

Ever made a list of the most unsolvable murders in Fiction? No? Well, bookseller Malcolm has. A list of 8 of the hardest and most unsolvable cases in books... that slowly becomes re-enacted in real life. Somebody is using Malcolm's list and Malcolm intends to find the person, the killer. But what happens when everybody around him seems to have a motive to kill and his deepest darkest secrets are threatening to be revealed in the chase?

4.Through the Wall by Caroline Corcoron *Contains Mature Themes

Lexie wishes to live the care free, rich and popular life her next door neighbour Harriet lives rather then worrying about whether she'll ever get pregnant. Harriet wishes to be surrounded by loved ones rather than aquantainces and have a loving boyfriend once more like Lexie does. Both know the other's life through a thin wall and through Social Media and constantly compare themselves to each other. One day however, one of them, decides to cross the invisible line at just comparing...

5. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Susie Salmon is dead. She didn't die from old age, nor from a disease. She was raped and murdered. Now, Susie has to get adjusted to her new life in heaven. But can she really when there are many frustrations left on Earth? Her family who she can't console, to her classmates rumors that she can't set straight, and to her killer attempting to cover his tracks that she can't prevent. Read this story to see what happens to Susie after her death in Heaven and on Earth.

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