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Increasing Study Productivity

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Tests are a marking point of any lesson, a checkpoint between chapters and topics. Studying can be found most common before such tests, but it should be a good practice to study whenever a class doesn’t make sense. Most often lessons stack on each other, and understanding the foundations will increase understanding in future lessons.

Teachers always make it a point to highlight text, take specific notes, try to re-read and repeat main ideas. While some could say it helps, it isn’t the best solution for everyone. Highlighting does exercise the practice of condensing information down to its main idea, but it is condensing it down in the words and phrasing of the author, not of the reader. Re-reading has the same issue, it makes the reader remember the text, not understand the idea.

To maximize studying workflow, consider writing down the main ideas in your own words, create flashcards to self-quiz, and taking breaks. A common mistake is to clump all your free time into one session, often later in the evening. Studies have shown that our long-term memory is stored in our minds during sleep, so pulling all-nighters not only deprives your mind and body of rest, it also does not allow all the studying to be processed and stored into your mind.

Some interesting tricks that could help during online learning would be chewing gum. While studying, the brain will connect the information to the action of chewing and the flavor of the gum, so while the test is in place you could chew the same flavor to connect the dots. This also works with music, however, it shouldn’t be the main source of study.

Overall, anything that helps you understand the information rather than just remembering it is a step forward. What helps one person, may not always help another, so during the upcoming test weeks, be mindful of your work and help anyone struggling in a class!


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