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How to adjust to a new school

Moving to a new school, such as a middle or high school can be exhausting, considering the long move, not knowing anyone within the community, as well as other issues. This can also happen when going away to college or university, as changing the environment can greatly impact confidence. Here are some tips to keep in mind to adjust to a new school!

Some first things to keep in mind is that feeling uncomfortable with the change of environment is okay. Your social life may suffer a bit as the people around you are most likely new, keep in mind that friends from your previous schools are there to talk to if you need! Keep in contact with them, new location doesn’t mean people leave!

Check your school website for any immediate information you may need, such as transportation information, or upcoming events necessary for the new year. Through orientations, you can find out a lot about extracurricular activities going on throughout the year, club information, as well as possibly your schedule. Make sure to walk around the campus when you can before school to familiarize yourself with the buildings to prevent panic on the first day! Time out the morning, to incorporate time for breakfast, transportation, and possibly any extra time you would like to have before classes. After the immediate points, start considering where you can get lunch at school, or the stores nearby! Look at Google Maps to see the surrounding areas, and keep an eye out for possible parks or entertainment such as movie theaters or malls, as the activities outside of school are just as important. Try to sign up for clubs, sports, extracurricular activities, or in general get involved with the school community to get to know others and make new friends! Moving homes, and with it moving schools can be disorienting, and if you feel you need professional help, find resources online or your school office to let someone know.

The day before a new school year, make sure you have all your supplies and know where your classrooms are, as well as sleep well. A good exercise is to practice sleeping earlier a week before the start to get used to the early start, but with a change in sleeping schedule comes changes with appetite - make sure to eat a good breakfast! Be aware that school districts vary greatly in teaching style, staying positive while getting used to the new style is key to stay afloat on grades. Look into homework help and on-campus tutoring if you have questions. Amy Morin of verywell family says, ”Perhaps Spanish II in this school is more like Spanish III in the previous school, and [you] can’t keep up with the teacher. Or maybe [you] never learned algebra the way the new school teaches it”. Keeping an open mind will make the year easier.

In general, most people in new schools will help in any way they can to make a new student feel welcome. Remind yourself that any friends left behind in your old schools are still there with you, but take time to get to know others! Have a good school year!


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