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How Subjects Can Relate to Future Careers

School is coming up fast and the choice of classes may be available. The question is: what classes to choose out of the selection? There are many different aspects that could affect the choice such as recommendations, personal hobbies, class requirements, and future pathways to name a few. Here are some things to consider before pressing “submit”!

Before thinking about what classes fit under your passions and interests, it is important to make sure all courses under consideration conform with your credit requirements. Most schools require a set number of credits for each subject, or category of subject. The most important thing is to fill those requirements. If you are struggling with doing so, please talk to your guidance counselor or teacher to get you back on track!

Continuing, if your class credits are set on a good path, there will be a variety of courses to take. There may be outside influence such as others recommending classes to you, personal interest, but one thing to remember is that these classes are for you. Your schedule is for you to decide, and there is no obligation to sign up for classes you are not interested in unless they are required. Most often than not, selective classes can direct your career path and open the door to further opportunities and career connections than available before.

“My favorite subject in school was always science. I loved it because it talked about creation, the earth and how the body works. It was always hands-on, which was the best way for me to learn. All of this lead me to nursing.” said Hazel Snead, a registered nurse who found her passion from a STEM course in school. It is also important to consider the type of learning that will be conducted in the course and if it will help you. If you are confused about learner types and the best study tips for them, consider the recommended article!

After all, school courses are there to teach you information that provides life skills such as problem-solving and collaboration, but also information about interests. Subjects should support your strengths and challenge your capabilities to further put you on the path to success. In this upcoming year, remember that your classes are for you only!


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