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Fun Summer Science Experiments and Activities to do at Home

With the beginning of summer drawing near, the end of school for most students is only days away. The end of school means the beginning of summer vacation! For parents, it means having to keep kids entertained and mentally stimulated. One way in which parents can entertain their kids while still making them learn is through some fun and educational activities. Here is a list of cool summer experiments and activities parents and children can conduct at home!

**Please note that parental supervision is recommended for all experiments. Please take safety precautions like wearing goggles, gloves, and anything else you deem necessary when experimenting.

#1: Watermelon Volcano

What you will need:

- Small watermelon

- Baking soda

- Vinegar

- Dish soap

- Food coloring {optional}

To begin, you will need to prepare your watermelon by carving a hole at the top to gut it, so as to not waste any food. This is a similar procedure to gutting a pumpkin during Halloween. Try to make the hole at the top as small as possible so when the watermelon erupts - you get the best possible reaction. When gutting the melon it is recommended to use a melon scoop to get all of the watermelon out. Once it is gutted, pour about half a cup of baking soda into the watermelon (Note: if you are using a normal-sized watermelon you will need double the amount of everything). Next, add a few squirts of dish soap. The following step is optional, but you can add food colouring to make your explosion coloured! Finally, pour some vinegar into the watermelon and watch the results.

The reaction demonstrates the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda! To learn why the reaction bubbles up, consider joining our tutoring courses!

#2: Solar Oven

What you will need:

- S’mores ingredients (marshmallows, chocolate bars and, graham crackers)

- Cardboard pizza box

- Black construction paper

- Aluminum foil

- Plastic wrap

- Wooden skewer

- Hot glue/hot glue gun

- Scissors

- Ruler

- Sharpie

First, you will need to trace a large perfectly even square onto the pizza box top, and carefully cut out the top. Next, wrap the cardboard square fully in tin foil, and glue the edges to make sure it remains secure. After that take the pizza box you cut the cardboard square out of and glue black construction paper onto the bottom of it. On the lid of the cardboard where you cut out the square, glue plastic wrap to cover the opening. Then place your smores onto the black construction paper and close the plastic lid of the box so that you can glue one side of the foil-wrapped cardboard on the top back of the box. After that, glue a skewer to the top left corner of the foil wrapped top and place the other end through the plastic wrap to hold it in place. Finally, place your oven in the sun for around 60 minutes and watch as the marshmallows and chocolate melt to become delicious smores!

#3: Make your own Kaleidoscope

What you will need:

- Pringles can {without chips}

- Shimmery scrap-book paper or aluminum foil

- Hammer and nail (Get an adult to help out!)

- Clear glue

- Tissue paper, glitter, and sequins

- Clear contact paper

To start, you will need an empty, washed, and dried Pringles can. Next, roll a piece of shimmery sliver paper or aluminum foil and place it in the can. Cut off any access and if necessary you can use tack to make sure it stays securely in the can. Then decorate the outside of the can in any way that you would like (e.g. painting, markers, colour paper, stickers, etc.). After you are finished decorating get a hammer and nail to punch out an eye hole in the sealed end of the can (Note: parent assistance is recommended for this part). At this time, add sequence and glitter glue to the inside of the Pringles lid, and tissue paper to the outside. Finally, you will need to make a second lense for your Kaleidoscope. To do this, cut out a square of clear contact paper and add a bit of every décor. Put another piece of clear contact paper to seal it. Next, cut the square contact paper to fit the lid of your can and make sure it is a close fit. Once everything is fully dry you can put the lid on your kaleidoscope and head outside!

Hopefully, these fun and educational activities help to brighten your summer! Best of luck with experimenting!

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