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December Monthly Book Recommendations

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Grade 1-5 recommendations:

1. Stuart Little by E.B. White and Garth Williams

Stuart Little is a mouse born to a family of humans and While he may be little, he loves adventure. When his best friend Margalo the bird disappears from her, Stuart sets out on an adventure to find her. Follow along with him to see what trouble he will go through and see if he'll ever find her.

2. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is a beautiful, strong horse who has everything a horse could want. A loving family, plenty of food, and a large field to run around and be free. But times change and eventually Black Beauty is sold. Away from his owners, his home, Black Beauty faces countless challenges and learns about the cruelty of the world. But even in the darkness, can there ever be light?

3. The Twits by Roald Dahl

Think of the two worst possible people to exist on Earth. That's them. Mr. and Mrs. Twit. Ugly, smelly, cruel, and evil, these two torture all kinds of animals, including each other. But one group being tortured doesn't want to deal with them anymore. The Muggle-Wumps who're monkeys want to stop this madness once and for all? But how? Well, read on to find out!

4. Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson & Nick Sharrot

Ruby and Garnett are identical twins so you'd expect even their personalities to be alike but in actuality, they are complete opposites. Ones an extrovert that's loud, confident, and easily angry, the other is calm, shy, introverted, and silent. One wants to be famous. The other just wants to read. And as the both of them grow up, they realize things just aren't how they used to be. Can they figure out how to stay close amidst all this chaos?

5. Billionaire Boys by David Walliams

Joe is rich. As rich as a person can be. No, he's not a millionaire. He's a billionaire who has an orangutan as his butler. He has everything a kid could want, except true friends. But turns out there's somebody who doesn't care about his money at all! But is everything as it seems or is there something deeper at play?

Grade 6-8 recommendations:

1. Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

Diana has her life planned out perfectly. She has a boyfriend who's a surgeon, she knows he's planning on proposing on their romantic getaway, and if everything goes well, they should have children by her 35th birthday. But a virus that's only all too familiar for us hits and Diana's life is filled with unfamiliar concepts and emotions. Now quarantined on an island away from her future fiance who has his hands full dealing with patients, Diana has to navigate this unfamiliar territory while also not knowing if she'll ever be the same...

2. The Accomplice by Lisa Lutz

Luna and Owen. Owen and Luna. The two met in college and have a strong seemingly unbreakable bond with each other, even when the rest of their social circle slowly start dying. Years later, Luna finds Owen accused of murdering his wife. Wanting to protect her best friend, Luna investigates the matter. But with secrets being revealed from both sides and the two of them wondering if they ever truly knew each other, how long will their 'unbreakable' friendship last?

3. The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf

It was a stormy night. This would be particularly worrisome to Wylie Lark whose trapped in a farmhouse all alone but this just provides her an opportunity to write her new book for her crime-writing career. Only one thing though, the farmhouse she's trapped in has a history of two murders and a missing girl and as the night progresses, the secrets the farmhouse holds regarding the murders start to seep out and haunt her. But all she has to do is survive one night... right?

4. A Flicker in The Dark by Stacy Willingham

Chloe Davis had a dark past. But the past is the past, not the present. Now, Chloe is a successful psychologist in an upscale neighborhood. Nobody even remembers what she went through as a child. Nobody remembers that her father was arrested on the charges of murdering 6 girls. But all of a sudden, the veil Chloe was living her life under is lifted when teenage girls start going missing again. Is this just a copycat killer or was the real killer never caught?

5. The Other Family by Wendy Corsi Staub

A perfect family from California moves to Brooklyn. They expect to live uncomfortably but they find a beautiful house with an amazing backyard and a huge kitchen. The catch? The house's previous residents were brutally murdered. With one of the children chasing after the unsolved case, the dog becoming a bloodhound, the family unearthing a mysterious box in the garden, and the feeling of being watched, the question arises: what happened to the other family?

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