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Bullying Prevention in Schools

Globally more than 20% of students in the grades of 9-12 have been bullied in school itself. Every single day, there are victims of bullying in school that are treated in horrid and disrespectful ways. As a community, individuals should attempt to prevent this situation to the best of their abilities. Some ways that could aid to prevent bullying in schools could be an online help service, adjustment of school policies, and public awareness.

Most of the time when victims are in a situation of being assaulted or bullied, they don’t know how to react, or how to get themselves out of the situation. Some people even know the unfairness of how they are being treated and know that they should consult with someone, but still are reluctant to take action due to fear of their identity being revealed, their bully or assaulter finding out, etc. Since there are so many victims who are scared or confused about seeking help, as a solution they can seek help through an online help service. On an online help service, there could be a questionnaire with yes and no questions that can save time and give clarity. This can be proven by the people who find it easier to solve their own solutions through understanding their situation which can be by answering specific questions that resonate with their personal experiences. Even with general public questionnaires, some people find it easy to learn from other peoples’ experiences as they can ask, answer and see other people’s questions that may have been answered and helpful as they could possibly be related to their own. Online help services additionally aid individuals who feel uncomfortable reaching out for help in person through anonymous consultations and online advice from professionals or references to other people and places like therapy.

Another factor that plays a huge role in bullying that happens in schools are the school policies. If school policies and teachers don’t look out for bullying or attempt to prevent the bullying that happens in schools, it could become a more serious issue. To prevent bullying, changing school policies may possibly help to transition to a better environment. School policies can change and become more strict by making the school a no-tolerance zone for bullying and making everyone in the school aware of it which includes teachers, students, and other staff. Changing policies and transitioning to a strict or no-tolerance bullying policy can make bullies fearful of the consequences that can happen due to their actions and can lead them to be reluctant for their decisions and will most likely stop them. This rule would work very efficiently with schools that are prestigious or have a reputable program. Another policy that schools can work on is counseling for not only the victim, but also the bully. Many people often put blame on the bully without understanding the reason for their actions. This can create more problems rather than solving the initial problem. So, if the bully gets counseling they might learn to handle their emotional and physical behavior in a well-mannered way that won't affect the victim or others.

Raising public awareness can also be helpful to prevent bullying with its benefits. Public awareness in schools can be raised in several ways which may include speeches, assemblies, guest speakers, websites, social media, etc. Exposure to anti-bullying can help students recognize that bullying is not the right way to express and project their own problems over others to make themselves feel better. It can also encourage people to stand up for what is right and that won’t make them bystanders. This can be very helpful if the “bully’s” friend or friends recognizes their friend is participating in activities that aren’t right and they might be able to influence and convince them to stop. Raising awareness also helps to influence the school as a collective and make it a more friendly and cooperative environment. If most students in school create a safe environment without bullying then most students will follow them and do the same which will lead to fewer situations that deal with bullying.

Bullying is a huge problem in schools that needs to be resolved. Some of the ways bullying can be resolved are through an online help service, a change in school policies, and public awareness. If everyone works together bullying can be put to an end!


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