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Advice for High Schoolers Pt. 4: A Senior's Take on High School

The last year of high school takes us to senior year. Do ideas and perspectives change through the 4 years, and what do seniors look back on? I asked a 12th grader at Homestead High about her opinions on covid-19 and regulations on keeping students safe, colleges, clubs, and advice for other grade levels.

Having 5 cases at the school so far, compared to the population of the students, it is less than a single percent. Many have had concerns about the unregulated social distancing protocol, though the school tries its best to keep students as safe as possible. “They have administrators and teachers come by and say, “Hey pull your mask up”, there is a covid test area”, she says, including thoughts on social distancing due to passing periods being crowded with students trying to get to their next class. “They always have wipes and extra masks, they are doing a decent job”.

“I wish I was more involved in clubs, I barely joined my first club this year and it’s actually pretty fun, so that’s one regret I do have”. Clubs can sometimes be thought of as an extra class, though in her perspective they are places to make friends, socialize, communicate, and be part of the school community. “It can make school more exciting, I remember coming to school Thursdays and Fridays super excited for class to end so I can go to the speech and debate meetings”. Lots of options are available around the campus, and if one does not fit your particular subject it is a great idea to talk to a teacher and start it yourself. Not only will it get more students interested, but it may also lead to change in the community if the club provides insightful information about cultures or social issues.

Junior and senior years are famously known as the grades that search for colleges, apply to universities and scholarships, being busy with building a good resume. After a while, some common themes can be spotted, such as “Have a lot of different colleges in mind, you don’t want to pick two or three, and if you don’t get accepted, don’t get discouraged, have a lot of options out there”. She also greatly emphasized the hidden gem that is community colleges. “Community college isn’t as bad as people make it to be”. Indirectly agreeing to the junior interviewed last week, colleges should suit you, not the other way around.

Lastly, for final advice to all grade levels would be to “Pick your classes wisely, and if you don’t like the class you are in, go to your counselor immediately to change it”. If a class does not suit you, you may be stuck in the work for that class and need to catch up for a replacement class, later on, putting extra stress on yourself. High school is not just a time for education and 4 straight years of study. It is a place for socialization and community building, and seniors agree that getting involved and making friends before the so-called ‘real world’ with ‘adult stuff’ takes over is the best way to experience high school.


Interview with a senior

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