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Introduction to Business




1 Month

About the Course

Creative Minds will be partnering with Achieve Academy to host this course. By signing up to this course, you'll have access to numerous other courses hosted by Achieve Academy as well.

This is a great course to learn about how businesses function, and how to be a successful business owner. We will cover topics like marketing, management, and consumer needs and want, while doing fun projects.

Projects we will be doing:

1. Job Interview (students will get a glimpse into corporate culture by taking part in a job interview simulation)
2. Company Takeover (all the students will 'take over' a fictitious start-up company for one week, in which they will be assigned roles and will have to help the business grow)
3. Sales Presentation (students will be divided into small groups and will be told to create a product, advertise it with their own website, and do a slides presentation on it)

Your Instructor

Dhanya Saravanan

Hi! I'm the CEO here in Creative Minds! I'm currently 16 and a 11th grader. I absolutely love working with children and I hope to help them find their passion here in Creative Minds. I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing video games during my free time. I hope you enjoy your time here at Creative Minds and remember, creativity is nothing but a mind set free!

Dhanya Saravanan
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