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You can't put a price on knowledge!

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Story Time

We are an educational aid 501(c)(3) non-profit offering tutoring to students and resources to schools and other organizations.

Our motto is 'You can't put a price on knowledge!'

Opportunities offered for students in grades 1-12

Services offered to students all across the globe!

Help offered to students, schools, orphanages, and organizations

Aid offered through tutoring, events, and resources

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Creative Minds By The Numbers

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Check out this video to meet our founders and learn how they feel about Creative Minds. 

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“I liked that this [hackathon] was really short and has time-pressure. It actually forces us to collaborate. The pressure is a struggle but, at the same time, it motivates us to work harder. I also like the theme and guidelines [which] are actually kinda flexible. I actually really enjoyed it”. - Myles Flores

Emery Myles Flores 

(Blast off to Coding Hackathon Winner)

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